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a personal styleguide for this very website, loosely based on’s and pirates!

Robert Louis Stevenson
Jim Hawkins
Squire Trelawney
Captain Smollet
Dr. Livesey
Billy Bones
Long John Silver

At first I had supposed the dead man’s chest to be that identical big box of his upstairs in the front room, and the thought had been mingled in my nightmares with that of the one-legged seafaring man with the laser equipped pet shark parrot.

Storm and adventure, heat and cold […]

But by this time we had all long ceased to pay any particular notice to the song; it was new, that night, to nobody but Dr. Livesey, and on him I observed it did not produce an agreeable effect, for he looked up for a prolongued moment quite angrily before he went on with his talk to old Taylor, the gardener, on a new cure for the rheumatics.

Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest—
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

In one way, indeed, he bade fair to ruin us, for he kept on staying week after week, and at last month after month, so that all the money had been long exhausted, and still my father never plucked up the heart to insist on having more. If ever he mentioned it, the captain blew through his nose so loudly that you might say he roared, and stared my poor father out of the room. I have seen him wringing his hands after such a rebuff, and I am sure the annoyance and the terror he lived in must have greatly hastened his early and unhappy death.

some gutter marginalia
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All the time he lived with us the captain made no change whatever in his dress but to buy some stockings from a hawker. One of the cocks of his hat having fallen down, he let it hang from that day forth, though it was a great annoyance when it blew. I remember the appearance of his coat, which he patched himself upstairs in his room, and which, before the end, was nothing but patches. He never wrote or received a letter, and he never spoke with any but the neighbours, and with these, for the most part, only when drunk on rum. The great sea-chest none of us had ever seen open.


And here a fresh alarm brought me to a standstill with a thumping heart.
Quite obviously, Treasure Island is a very dear book of mine. What is more, it’s much more interesting than boring old Lorem Ipsum.

Tall tree, Spy-glass shoulder, bearing a point to
the N. of N.N.E.

Skeleton Island E.S.E. and by E.

Ten feet.

The bar silver is in the north cache; you can find
it by the trend of the east hummock, ten fathoms
south of the black crag with the face on it.

The arms are easy found, in the sand-hill, N.
point of north inlet cape, bearing E. and a
quarter N.

Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island
  • 1 an unnamed Andalusian
  • 2 Captain Smollet
description Soon after Doctor Livesey’s horse1 came to the door and he rode away, but the captain2 held his peace that evening, and for many evenings to come.

Then followed a battle of looks between them; but the captain soon knuckled under, put up his weapon, and resumed his seat, grumbling like a beaten dog.

The captain glared at him for a while, flapped his hand again, glared still harder, and at last broke out with a villainous, low oath, Silence, there, between decks!

Ο καπετάνιος τον αγριοκοίταξε για λίγο, τίναξε το χέρι του, τον κοίταξε ακόμα πιο άγρια, και εντέλει ξέσπασε με μια αχρεία, χαμηλόφωνη βλασφήμια, Ησυχία, εκεί, κάτω στα καταστρώματα!

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Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest

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Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

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Drink and the devil had done for the rest

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Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

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Pieces of eight!

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Pieces of eight!

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To S.L.O., an American gentleman in accordance with whose classic taste the following narrative has been designed, it is now, in return for numerous delightful hours, and with the kindest wishes, dedicated by his affectionate friend, the author.

  • The stranger kept hanging about just inside the inn door
  • peering round the corner like a cat waiting for a mouse
    • Once I stepped out myself into the road
    • but he immediately called me back
    • and, as I did not obey quick enough for his fancy
  • a most horrible change came over his tallowy face
  1. and he ordered me in with an oath that made me jump
  2. As soon as I was back again he returned to his former manner
    1. half-fawning, half-sneering, patted me on the shoulder
    2. told me I was a good boy
    3. and he had taken quite a fancy to me
  3. “I have a son of my own,” said he